About Bella Homes

A family owned business with over 25 years of construction experience. Our goal has always been to create the perfect home combined with Timeless Design, Italian Décor and Southern Charm. This combination comes from each of our families.

Kevin is the husband and contractor. His entire family is traditionally from Italy.  Growing up his family taught him the traditions of the Italian heritage. Our first home, with the signature curved wall and archways is named after his grandmother Marie Pagliari. We have called this home the “Maria” to remember her fine culture and dedication to his family.

Southern Living. Italian Style.

Leslie is the wife and decorator. Her entire family is traditionally from the mountains of North Carolina. She learned a lot about Southern Charm and how to make a home feel welcoming and inviting. She understands the need for a home to feel inviting to guests coming over to visit or stay a while.

With their combination thoughts and ideas, they have created a home that is different from others in the area, therefore their motto, “Southern living. Italian style.” Truly a statement that tells a lot about their homes.

Come visit a home today and please view our homes in the gallery. You are always invited to come see what we do!

The motto that we use with our family: 

Live your dreams

Laugh with your friends

Love your family 

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Picture of
Kevin and Leslie Pagliari

A family owned business with over 25 years of construction experience, our homes feature distinctive designs and expert craftsmanship, and come with exceptional customer service.


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